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Miscellanous events

National championships:

2016 road in Berbourg

2008 cyclo-cross in Contern

2004 road in Niederanven

2003 road in Contern

1997 cyclo-cross in Junglinster (Pascal Triebel, Steve Fogen, Lucien Kirch, Suzie Godart)

1991 cyclo-cross in Contern (Jempy Drucker, Ronny Schanen, Luc Steines)

1982 cyclo-cross in Contern (Claude Michely, Daniel Wirth )

1978 3 nations championships on the road (Lucien Didier)

Regional centrum championships:

1999 (Oliver Paderhuber, Gilles Hendel, Jempy Drucker, Nico Schincker)

1988 (Marco Dijkerman, Marc Dudzinsky, Paul Ecker, Cyril Barthels, Tanja Reuland)

1983 (Neil Martin, Christian Elsen)

1979 (Kim Andersen, Garry Speicher)

Three-days-races with GP François Faber and GP Ostfenster:

1999 Grand-prix Nic Frantz (Nico Strynckx BEL)

1981 Grand-prix de Contern (Raymund Dietzen GER)

1997 Grand-prix Nic Frantz (Marco Vermey BEL)

1981 Trophée William Scheren (Raymund Dietzen GER)

1995 Grand-prix Charly Gaul (Steven Van Aken BEL)

1980 Grand-prix de Contern (Raymund Dietzen GER)

1995 Grand-prix Nic Frantz (Juri Silovs LET)

1980 Trophée William Scheren (Heinz Bausbacher GER)

1984 Grand-prix de Contern (Jörgen Falkböll DEN)

1979 Grand-prix de Contern (Léon Deuss BEL)

1982 Grand-prix de Contern (Leon Nevels NED)

1979 Trophée William Scheren (Johann Wellens BEL)

1982 Grand-prix Adidas (Jean-Paul Van Poppel NED)

1978 Trophée William Scheren (Eugène Urbany LUX)

Grand-prix du Camping Romantique (cyclo-cross):

1984* (Nico Ney LUX)

1981 (Peter Becker GER)

1979+ (Acacio Da Silva POR)

1984+ (Pascal Triebel LUX)

1980 (Paul de Brauwer BEL)

1977 (Alex Gerardin FRA)

1983* (Daniel Wirth LUX)

1980+ (Jempy Drucker LUX)

1976 (Freddy Deschacht BEL)

1983+ (Henri Schnadt LUX)

1979 (Paul de Brauwer BEL)

                                          * Grand-Prix Dipha - Roeser

                                          + Débutants/juniors

Grand-prix Peinture Roger Braun for young riders:

1982 Grand-prix Auto-Ecole Mike (Marcel Jenal LUX)

1981 (Hans-Peter Kirf GER)

1980 (Jean Feinen LUX)

1979 (Guy Hoffmann LUX)

1977 (Marco Kramp, Alex Feltz, Erny Ernst, Claude Schmit, Carlo Rocha)

1976 (Pascal Triebel, Fernand Sand, Nico Binsfeld, Garry Speicher, Gilbert Melchior)

Other events:

2016 Rotary - Cycling to serve worlds

2016 Uphill Challenge Luxembourg

2016 Televie Collect Center Contern

2015 Schoulsportdag Contern

2015 Nuit du Sport Contern

2014 Worlds for bakers and conditors

2006 Worlds for bakers and conditors

2006 1st Gran-Fondo Charly Gaul / Trento-Monte-Bondone

2003 European cyclo-tourist tour

1999 Grand-Prix Simons Plaza (Christian Theis LUX)

1989 Cyclo-Cross um Feschmaart (Olivier Triebel LUX) en collaboration avec le VS "Le Cycliste 1909" Belair-Merl

1994 cycling festival in Mondorf (Pascal Triebel, Gregory Barras, Frank Schleck, Marc Hermes)

1993 cycling festival in Mondorf (Fabrice Noyer, Max Becker, Christian Marche)

1989 Grand-Prix de Contern (Laurent Wack, Romain Wack)

1985 Trophée Eugène Bestgen (Pascal Kohlvelter LUX)

1984 Trophée Eugène Bestgen (Jörgen Falkböll DEN)

1982 Trophée Eugène Bestgen (Roger Dunne GBR)

1981 Trophée Eugène Bestgen (Acacio Da Silva POR)

1980 Grand-Prix des Communes réunies (Accacio Da Silva POR)

annual events:

Grand-prix OST Manufaktur
Grand-prix François Faber
Gala Tour de France
La Charly Gaul

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