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An event that is very important in the history of our club, the Grand-Prix Ostfenster on the road, is ridden for the first time in 1985 (named then Grand-Prix des Artisans de la Commune de Manternach), and is a race full of great stories. In 1989, the race was dominated by the "silver train" of the riders of former East-Germany (Thomas Barth the winner, Uwe Ampler, Olaf Ludwig the olympic champion and Uwe Raab). They took 4 of the 5 places on the podium. In 1996, Bjarne Riis dominated the Grand-Prix Ostfenster and won it only a few months before winning the Tour de France. Ostfenster, the company owned by a former rider of the ACC Contern, Mr Romain Hilger, is our main sponsor and has also given its name for some years to our traditionnal cyclo-cross in November.

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