47th International Cyclo-cross in Contern
October 29, 2022
98ème Grand-prix François Faber 34ème Grand-prix OST-Manufaktur La 32ème Charly Gaul 47ème cyclo-cross de l'ACC Contern Nuit des Sports 2022 5ème Gran Fondo Schleck




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Since the beginning, ACC Contern has always tried to organize races at with high level of quality, in cyclo-cross or on the road, and to create several kinds of events. Our "standard" program for a year is made of 2 road-races (Grand-Prix François Faber and Grand-Prix Ostfenster), a cyclo-sport or Gran Fondo event (La Charly Gaul) and an international cyclo-cross (Grand-prix de la commune de Contern).

Next to this races, we also participate into other events like the Schleck Gran Fondo, the Uphill Challenge or the Andy Schleck Challenge. Other races are or have been organized on a non-regular bases like the former Gala Tour de France (between 1996 and 2015) or different championships like the Nationals on the road 2016 in Berbourg. You can find a complete overview by clicking here or have a look at our statistics with the links below.



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