La Charly Gaul

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Charly Gaul

Past winners

Year long distance medium distance
  Men   Women   Men   Women
2021 COVID Special edition
2019 Michael Apers Ils Van der Moeren Laurent Donnay Cyriane Muller
2018 Marvin Tasset Marjolein Truyers Michael Hilgers Cyriane Muller
2017 Ivan Centrone Ils van de Moeien Rick Stemper Anne-Sophie Harsch
2016 Ivan Centrone Marie Dessart Fabien Schmitt Edie Rees
2015 Jari Verstraeten Sylvie Boermans Michel Blanchy Annick Dirkx
2014 Jérôme Giaux Mirthe Wagenaar Jérôme Lafourte Carmen Coljon
2013 Jacques Schuit Ingrid Haast Quentin Mélon Nathalie Lamborelle
2012 Jérôme Giaux Ingrid Haast Steve Decloux Catherine Delfosse
2011 James Mattis Isabelle Golard Ronald Norga Sandra Huberty
2010 Jean-Charles Martin Mariska Breyne Peter Schroen Melissa Flagothier
2009 Laurent Gangloff Edith Van den Brande Steve Decloux Nathalie Lamborelle
2008 Vincenzo Centrone Verena Engel Jeff Bourgraff Sandra Huberty
2007 Feike Loots Sione Jongstra Bruno Beckers Christine Majerus
2006 Philippe Herman Sione Jongstra Jean-Michel Thimister Monique Ludovicy
2005 J. Villiger / B. Gastauer Sione Jongstra Peter Schroen Suzie Godart
2004 Evgeni Gutalov Verena Engel Peter Schroen Chantal Hoffmann
2003 Jean-Charles Martin Isabelle Klein Thierry Englebert Danielle Bernard
2002 Vincenzo Centrone Laura Verhoeven Enzo Mezzapesa Marleen De Weerdt
2001 Jean-Charles Martin Jemp Gaasch
2000 Yves Hupel Tom Carier
1999 Danny In't Ven Frank Brinkmann
1998 Danny In't Ven Nico Kalmes
1997 Enzo Mezzapesa Dani Papi
1996 Jörgen Bo Pedersen Steve Fogen
1995 Bjarne Riis Steve Staar
1994 Xavier Masson Kim Kirchen
1993 Marc Soulhac Luc Schmitt
1992 Petr Hric Ferd Reuland
1991 Petr Hric
1990 Ed Carier
1989* Accacio Da Silva Laurent Wack (juniors)

* Grand-prix Charly Gaul (elimination hill race for professional riders)

multiple victories

per nation
3 victories Jean-Charles Martin (2001,2003,2010) LUX 33 victories
  Peter Schroen (2004,2005,2010) BEL 29 victories
  Sione Jongstra (2005,2006,2007) NED 13 victories
2 victories Petr Hric (1991,1992) FRA 11 victories
  Enzo Mezzapesa (1997,2002) GER 3 victories
  Danny In't Ven (1998,1999) TCH 2 victories
  Vincenzo Centrone (2002,2008) DEN 2 victories
  Verena Engel (2004,2008) POR 1 victory
  Sandra Huberty (2008,2011) MOL 1 victory
  Steve Decloux (2009, 2012) USA 1 victory
  Nathalie Lamborelle (2009, 2013)
  Ingrid Haast (2012, 2013)
  Jérôme Giaux (2012, 2014)
  Ivan Centrone (2016, 2017)
  Ils Van der Moeren (2017, 2019)
  Cyriane Muller (2018, 20198)

You can find details of the different editions by clicking on the corresponding year.

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