46th International Cyclo-cross

cyclo-cross races for (nearly) all categories (UCI Cat 2)
on Saturday, October 30, 2021 in Contern
www.ost.lu www.contern.lu www.arnoldkontz-cycles.com www.comat.lu Dossier Sponsoring

Any person, rider, helper, official or volunteer with symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, breathing difficulties, cough, sore throat, loss of smell, pain, diarrhea, unusual fatigue), even if mild, is asked not to attend or participate in the event, but must contact his or her doctor or the hotline 8002 8080.

A so-called COVID-CHECK certification (complete vaccination, negative PCR test performed less than 72 hours before the race or certified antigen test performed less than 48 hours before the race) with a QR-code will be requested from participants and from all persons who want to enter into the restricted area around the course or into an official office of the organizer.

The COVID-Check is performed at the entrance of the course in the rue de Moutfort, coming from Contern (possibility of doing autodiagnostic rapid tests for spectators) or coming from Moutfort (no rapid tests possible). Numeric certifications as well as printed documents are accepted, as long as they contain a valid QR-code.

The wearing of a mask (or any other protection covering the mouth and nose) or distancing rules are in application according to the laws in force, outside the Anti-Covid Check restricted zone. The only exception to this rule is for riders who may not wear a mask while cycling.

In the parking areas the rules of distancing must be respected. It is important to respect the signs in place and follow any instructions. Separate parking zones for the riders and their helpers will be indicated outside of the village of Contern. Riders are asked to use only those parking areas.

Registration is only possible in advance. On-site registration without pre-registration is not possible. The signs around the official office must be respected. Only persons who have passed the COVID-CHECK test will be allowed to enter the office.

Catering services will only be offered within the COVID-CHECK area. Only persons with a COVID-Check test are served with food and drinks.

There will be no official reception with prize distribution. Riders can collect their prizes in the permanent office after the race.

All laws and regulations put in place by the Luxembourg Government are strictly to be respected. The organizer declines all responsibility in case of non-compliance with the law by a person who is not part of the organizing committee.

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