47th International Cyclo-cross

October 29, 2022 in Contern

Saturday, October 29, 2022

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in collaboration with the Supporterclub AB Contern
with the support of the municipality of Contern


It is with sadness that we have to announce that the International Cyclo-Cross planned on October 29, 2022 in Contern will not take place.

In fact, the situation of the actual and coming road works in the center of the village Contern brings too many uncertainties for the organization of such an event, particularly concerning the access to the races and the already existing parking problems.

In mutual agreement with the authorities of the municipality of Contern, we have decided to abandon the idea of organizing a cyclo-cross in our home village during the year 2022.

We have no alternative solution for the moment, but we are willing to step up again, should the opportunity arise to reprogram the races in any form at a later stage of the season.

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