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90th Grand-prix François FABER
regional road race for junior and U23 riders
01.05.2013 - Bech

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As regional races, the Grand-prix OST-Manufaktur and the Grand-prix François Faber 2013 will see mostly riders from Luxemburg and from the border regions at the start. The rules allow us however to invite three additionnal foreign teams to the race and once again, they will come this year from Belgium and the Netherlands.

In the Grand-prix François Faber, the U23 riders of Hand in Hand Baal, from Belgium, are expected to color the race together with the best riders from Luxembourg as well as a few individuals that are coming from the same teams who will compete in the Grand-prix OST-Manufaktur later the day.

Big favourites for the elite-race will of course be the riders from the Continental Team Differdange, the team that has dominated cycling in Luxemburg for a few years now and also won the three last editions of the GP OST-Manufaktur with Hakan Nilson, Stefan Cohnen und Jonas Ljungblad. They also dominated the opening of the 2013 season in Belvaux and Schengen, but had to settle down with a defeat recently in Dommeldange, against Pit Schlechter of the Leopard-Trek team. They surely want a revenge in Bech on a course where they have been particularely successfull in recent years.

The biggest opponents to Gabriel Gatti's team will come from the riders of Kayl, Tétange and Dippach, but also from the Belgians of the Profel-Prorace-Cycling Team around the winner of last year's "La Charly Gaul", Jérôme Giaux. Last year, the riders from Kapelle-op-den-Bos animated the race and placed 6 riders in the Top 10 at the end, even if they had to settle down with second and third against Jonas Ljungblad. Recently, the participated in two hilly stage races in France, Tout du Piemont Vosgien and Tour du Jura, and thus will be perfectly prepared for the hilly course in Bech. The riders from the Profel-Prorace-Cycling Team were particularely successfull in the Jura region, since Jérôme Giaux took the overall victory while Gérard Hophra, who was cycling world champion of the bakers a few years ago not far away from Bech, took the last stage.

The Dutch riders will be numerous on May 1st in Bech with delegations of the Team Amsterdam and the TWC Maaslandster. The latter are well known in Luxemburg for having participated several times in recent years in the Flèche du Sud, the Grand-prix François Faber or the Grand-prix OST-Manufaktur. The team will be composed by Rob Tijdink, Aldo Klomp, Guy Bogaerts, Bruce Rayer, Yannic Candel, Bob Martens, Luk Loozen, Raymond Werst and Ward Schiffelers, while team Amsterdam will be led by Pieter Scheerens, Thomas Hartog, Jacob van der Wier and Freek Geurts. In addition to the riders from Luxembourg, some individuals like Dutch rider Tom Marcelis, riders of the VC Ardennes or from Lorraine will complete the start list of the 26th edition of the Grand-prix OST-Manufaktur.

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