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90th Grand-prix François FABER
regional road race for junior and U23 riders
01.05.2013 - Bech

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Early break

There wasn't much crowd at 10 o'clock in the morning in Bech, for the 90th edition of the Grand-prix François Faber for U23 and junior riders, both along and on the road. But despite of that, winner Massimo Morabito as well as his runner-ups are worthy ones, because they took the right opportunity at the beginning of the race and managed to stay at the front until the very end.

The Belgians from Baal, the hometown of Sven Nys and Niels Albert, didn't show up for the 90th edition of Luxemburg's oldest race, they finally didn't want to have to travel as far as early any more despite their interest in the race. The National coach has also sent a delegation to a foreign event and so they were only 27 to line up at the start of the race, among them a few Belgians and Germans and also a very brave Dutch rider, who has made the way from Limburg to Luxemburg despite the early starting hour.

As of the first lap, the race started and 6 riders broke away: two of them from Tooltime Preizerdaul, Lex Reichling and Luc Turchi, Glenn Waerzeggers, the Belgian rider form Tétange, Remy Mertz of the CC Chevigny, Massimo Morabito from Dippach as well as German Max Valtey, of the team Schwalbe Trier. They quickly got a gap of 30 seconds, than a minute on a peloton where nobody was really interested in chasing. Except from Kevin Feierseisen, one of the pre-race favourites who has missed the early break. The Luxembourger from the Belgian ASFRA Racing Team placed an acceleration and broke away from the peloton together with David Brutsaert, from VS Dommeldange, and with German Philipp Manz.

This first attempt brought nothing, but Feiereisen gave it another try at mid-race, this time together with Rick Theis from Alzingen, while Max Valtey had been dropped in the first group. Morabito, Reichling, Waerzeggers and the two excellent juniors Luc Turchi and Remy Mertz were still together at the front, more than two minutes ahead of the duo Feiereisen and Theis as well as three minutes ahead of Dutch rider Herman ten Kate, who had also attacked a resigned main bunch that was nearly four minutes behind. The positions stayed the same during the next kilometres, only the gaps were still increasing, but with two laps to go, Remy Mertz was dropped in the front group where they were only four now, while Kevin Feiereisen left Rick Theis behind him, whith all the chasers of the front group being on their own now.

The victory was decided in an uphill four-man sprint where Massimo Morabito was clearly the strongest, winning the 90th edition of the Grand-prix François Faber two bike lengths ahead of Glenn Waerzeggers and one more ahead of Luc Turchi, first junior in the race. Lex Reichling was noted in fourth position in the same time than the winner, while Feiereisen, Theis and Ten Kate arrived more than three minutes later in this order.

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