95th Grand-prix François Faber
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The number one favorite will certainly be defending champion Arthur Kluckers. Just like Loïc Betterndorf, Cedric Pries or Mik Esser, the VC Schengen rider is coming out of a great cyclo-cross season and we will have to see how they have digested the recovery, then the resuming of training after a long and weary winter. He will have to count with Gilles Kirsch and Nicolas Kess of course, who were both on the podium last year, as well as for example Pol Nothum. Joé Michotte and Jordy Wagner have freshly arrived from the beginners category, like Bettendorf, who won lots of races in this category in 2017.

Nr Licence Code UCI Name Team Cat
61 6703 10016518979 Arthur KLUCKERS VC SCHENGEN JUN
62 10188 10024401039 Pascal QUIEVREUX Sprinter Club SILLON MOSELLAN MAS
63 8226 10074999976 Michel THILLEN VC DIEKIRCH JUN
64 10145 10053688066 Jérôme SCHEEN Crabbe Toitures CC CHEVIGNY JUN
65 6021 10023530261 Charel MEYERS LC TETANGE JUN
67 10146 10051949847 Noah REINERTZ Crabbe Toitures CC CHEVIGNY JUN
68 7672 10035010617 Jacques GLOESENER VV TOOLTIME JUN
69 5864 10034996873 Yannick-Ben OTTEN LC TETANGE JUN
70 7074 10016519181 Cédric PRIES VC SCHENGEN JUN
71 7659 10035010011 Mik ESSER CT ATERTDAUL JUN
72 6524 10034999503 Loïc BETTENDORFF CT ATERTDAUL JUN
73 6139 10034998186 Rafael PEREIRA MARQUES LC TETANGE JUN
74 7382 10035005967 Joé MICHOTTE VELO WOOLZ JUN
75 6859 10035002129 Alain PLETSCHETTE VC SCHENGEN MAS
76 7811 10023530362 Steven NEDERVEEN CT ATERTDAUL JUN
77 10147 10023547237 Frédéric BANTQUIN US THIERVILLE MAS
78 5927 10034996974 Pablo BLATT VC SCHENGEN JUN
79 8185 10066975551 Max REINERT SAF ZEISSENG JUN
80 6749 10035001220 Gilles KIRSCH UC MUNNERËFER Velosfrënn JUN
81 10141 10036233726 Jan-Eric RINKE RV Blitz OBERBEXBACH JUN
82 5861 10034996772 Jordi WAGNER LG ALZINGEN JUN
83 6825 10016519080 Nicolas KESS LC KAYL JUN
84 10148 10053905106 Maxime HARDY Crabbe Toitures CC CHEVIGNY JUN

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