94th Grand-prix François Faber
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The 30th Grand-prix Ost-Manufaktur and the 94th Grand-prix François Faber take place on a local lap of 8,8 kilometers. The course is hilly with a change of altitude of 150 meter per lap. Start and Finish are located in Bech, rue Hanner Bra, next to the cultural centrum "Hanner Bra".


km Alt Place / street Cross-roads Remark
0 298 BECH Start in front of the Centre Hanner Bra
CR138 Hanner Bra Becher Millen straight on
Am Birk straight on
1,5 322 Jacobsbierg
CR138 to Herborn road to Berbourg turn right | SHARP TURN | NARROW ROAD
road to Berbourg
2,3 281 crossroads near Berbourg
road to Berbourg road to Lilien turn left | NARROW TURN AFTER DOWNHILL
road to Lilien
3,0 310 crossroads near Lilien
road from Berbourg CR138 to Bech turn left | SHARP TURN
CR138 to Bech
4,0 322 Jacobsbierg
CR138 to Bech road to Geyershaff turn right | SHARP TURN | NARROW ROAD
road to Geyershaff
6,0 322 Geyershaff
rue Geyershaff road to Jacobsbierg straight on | NARROW TURN
road to Michelshof road to the CR132 turn left | NARROW TURN
road to the CR132
6,7 371 crossroads on CR132
road from Geyershaff CR132 to Bech turn left
CR132 to Bech
8,4 295 BECH
CR132 rue Neidierfchen Schneckelsbierg straight on
CR138 Hanner Bra turn left | SHARP TURN AFTER DOWNHILL
8,8 298 CR138 Hanner Bra Hammerknupp Finish in front of centre Hanner Bra

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