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In Memoriam Arthur Bausch

In Deutscher Sprache Arthur Bausch
in deutscher Sprache
en Français Arthur Bausch
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After the death of Marcel Gilles in April, we are again in deep sadness:

Arthur Bausch

Behind his rough manners, Arthur had a very big heart. He always said the truth to everybody and this did not only bring him friends, but he was a good man, a faithfull friend who wasn't afraid to bring sacrifices in order to please someone else.

He didn't have a very easy life, but Arthur was never tired of work an he liked it when his work was well done. He was passionnate about our storing room which he changed from an old, wet stable into a very usefull tool for any cycling association. Arthur never refused to do any work if it was to be usefull, even the most unlikeable missions.

It is a big helper for cycling and particularely for the ACC Contern who passed away.

GOOD BYE, ARTHUR! We will miss you!

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