4th Grand-Prix Ostfenster - 22.03.1992 - Berbourg

Report from the race

km 0 The riders will have to battle against the tough course today, but also against the weather. Rain, wind and cold will surely influence the race.

km 5 First attack from Pascal Duez of the Keumiée team.

km 15 Duez is caught again, and his team-mate Jean-Marie Bruyère tries to get a gap, but he hasn't any more success.

km 30 On the first climb, three riders take the lead of the race: Ulerick and Dulon, once more from the really very offensive team of Keumiée and the Luxemburgish rider Pascal Meyers.

km 46 Danish rider Lanbaeck and Dutch representative Enthoven have launched a counter-attack behind the leaders.

km 55 The two chasers have been caught again and the three riders at the front have 50" advance on the peloton.

km 69 1'05" is the gap between leaders and the field.

km 75 Pascal Meyers is dropped, only Olivier Dulon and David Ulerick remain in the break.

km 78 Olivier Van Coningsloo, Denis François and Pascal Wanlin have attacked in the main field. Another three riders from Keumiée, the team that dominates the race, and they take with them Jan Ostergaard of Villerupt

km 83 Ostergaard, François, Van Coningsloo and Wanlin have caught Pascal Meyers.

km 90 The 5 chasing riders are closing the gap to the leading duo: they are only 20 seconds late now. The next chasers are one suplementary minute behind.

km 96 Ostergaard, François, Van Coningsloo and Wanlin have joined the leaders, but Pascal Meyers won't see his former break companions again, he has been dropped.

km 100 Jan Ostergaard is feeling rather alone against the armada of Keumiée with 5 riders up front. Pascal Meyers is now 1'40" behind and the main peloton 2'35"

km 107 Olivier Dulon, who is in the lead of the race since km 30, has attacked yet again and he has opened a gap togther with Denis François. Their advance is growing very fast up to a minute because Ostergaard has to do most of the work on his own behind.

Finish Olivier Dulon wins the 4th Grand-prix Ostfenster with 7 seconds of advance on his team-mate Denis François.

Finish one and a half minutes later, Olivier Van Coningsloo completes the podium by winning the sprint for third place.

Finish Eddy Torrekens and Pascal Duez round up the dominiation of the Keumiée team: 7!!! riders among the 9 First, only Ostergaard and Overgaag have resisted in 4th and 8th position.